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8. is the bible a bad book? what would be world be like if it was based on the bible and the teachings of jesus christ?

Surely, you have heard this before: - “It’s a good thing that neither this world nor its laws are based on the Bible or its doctrines”. You may have even thought this yourself, but what validity does this thought have? Are these preconceptions and prejudices right?


Many of these criticisms are based on partial interpretation of scripture from the Bible. More prominently from the old covenant (Old Testament) that God gave to the people of Israel. These criticisms arise from some of the laws and rituals that God gave specifically to Israel, as a nation, after the Exodus from Egypt. In that particular moment, God was the leader of the nation of Israel. 


Jesus Christ made the difference and stated that we were no longer binded to the laws of the Old Coventant. After His coming and His resurrection, we came under a new covenant. (Note: The 10 Commandments, on the other hand, represent a universal moral law by which we should examine ourselves).


If we analyze all the teachings of the Bible, we see that if  the entire world's population met its teachings in totality, we would find a world governed under the following qualities among many others (all supported with relevant verses in the Bible):

- No distinction between tribe, race, or nation (no racism)

- No distinction among people

- Continually helping the poor.

- Help to the widows / ers.

- There would not be hunger

- Help for the orphans.

- There would be no wars (we'd love each other).

- There would be no distinction of social classes 

- There would not be theft by government (or by employers or employees).

- There would not be extortion at work.

- There would not be crimes (you shall not kill).

- There would not be adultery and families would remain together (you shall not commit adultery).

- There would not be envy


Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible for all people on earth to decide to become true Christians (I recommend that you read topic number 3) and therefore, it is impossible to think that all mankind can be governed by the teachings of the Bible. Jesus Christ was aware of this and so He established the separation of church and state (Matthew 22: 21)


Surely, you have been impressed with the richness of the teachings of the Bible. We certainly hope that your preconceived ideas have been clarified.

This is a brief explanation of the topic in matter. To learn more about the Bible, or if you want more details of its truth please contact us and we will gladly explain everything. 



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