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We are a group of Christians with one objective: to spread God’s true gospel to every creature as Jesus Christ instructed the apostles, and subsequently to all His faithful followers. The ministry allows us to develop the following...

Help all non-believers and Christians clarify their doubts about the veracity of the Bible and Christianity.



Have a greater range for the preaching and spreading of the gospel.

Instruct both new and long time Christians with sound doctrine



Cover themes, topics and myths that have been published about the Bible.

Bring a renewal of faith for all Christians who are in need of it.




Our team has made the decision to propose to all non-believers a "21 day challenge" (found in "Are you willing to accept the 21 day challenge?"). To do this, we request the people that accept the challenge to send us a message with their name and address so that we can send them a copy of the Gospel of John. This will aid them in discovering the person of Jesus, His words and His deeds. Both the book and the shipping cost of the Gospel of John are totally free (anywhere in the world with a valid address).
Our team is committed to support and resolve all doubts and questions to all those who accept the challenge. We will also provide the address of the nearest church for those who accept the challenge.

sending bibles

The team of The Truth of the Bible has taken the initiative to provide Bibles, free of charge, to anyone who cannot afford to buy one (please see “Do you Need a Bible?"). Both the cost of the Bible and the shipping cost (anywhere in the world with a valid address) are covered by our team and their supporters.
We extend this initiative for all Non-Believers that would like to have a Bible (regardless of their solvency).

Bible teachings

Our teachings or advices are solely based on the Bible and for the sole purpose of establishing the Word of God as the only source of opinion, setting aside our “own opinions or own advices”.
Our goal is not to pastor our readers, instead we do recommend that the readers congregate in a church as the Lord commands in Hebrews 10:25, and submit to their pastors (Hebrews 13:17). Our aim is to simply present some Biblical truths that are not always being taught in churches.

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