Please do not hesitate to contact us if:


- You need to ask any questions about any other issue

   not touched on our website, either for non-believers,

   new Christians or long time Christians. We have limited

   space on the website and cannot cover all themes/topics, 

   but we will answer your questions with great pleasure.

- Have any questions on any passage(s) of Scripture. 

  (including those cited in our studies and teachings)


- Have any questions about any of the topics we touched on

  the website.


- You need prayer (we have a good group of prayer).


- You need a Gospel of John (we will send it as soon as 

   possible and free).


- You need a Bible (we will send it as soon as possible 

   and free).

- You have any issue that you feel is important and requires 

   our help.

- You want to encourage us and bless us.


We will try to respond to your messages as soon as possible, please be patient with us.

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Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

JOHN 17:17

"...Christ with you, the Hope of Glory..."

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