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3. who are christians? what does it mean to be a christian?

Meaning of the word “Christian”


The etymology of the word Christian comes from the Greek word , which was designated for the followers of Christ. The use began in Antioch (Acts 11:26). It is said that this name was used with with negative or derogatory use. 


Christian beliefs


1.Jesus Christ is God

2.Jesus Christ is the Son of God

3.Jesus Christ died on the cross to redeem the sins of mankind

4.Jesus Christ resurrected on the Third day

5.Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.

6.No one is saved if not through Jesus Christ

7.There is no other religion, nor god or goddess, any other way, or name that can bring us salvation but Jesus Christ. 

8.The Father, the Son , and the Holy Spirit are three persons in a trinity

9.No name, god or goddess, virgin or saint will take us to the Father “God” if not through Jesus Christ.


Who is a Christian?


In this day in age many people call themselves Christians, but very few truly are. Many associate the word “Christian” to people, who although calling themselves Christians, really aren’t. These people, not giving a good example with their actions, their faith and devotion to God, have caused many people to stray from the Word of God and have caused rejection to the term Christianity. 


Thus, if a neighbor, relative, classmate, or co-worker calls themself a Christian and behaves in a manner that any other regular person does (continual practice of: anger, drunkenness, insults, depression, violence, criticism, infidelity, theft, hypocrisy, etc. …) please, do not think that the teachings of Jesus Christ are meaningless, that the Bible is wrong, that Christians are hypocrites, or that Christianity is false. You have simply encountered people that, although calling themselves Christians, really are not (Titus 1:16 They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him, being detestable and disobedient and worthless for any good deed).


A true Christian will demonstrate a variety of fruits and evidences such as:


1. Love

2. Joy

3. Peace

4. Patience

5. Kindness

6. Goodness

7. Fidelity

8. Meekness

9. Self-control

10. Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord

11. Obey the commandments of Jesus

12. He/She will feel convicted when he/she does something against God’s Word and will repent (The Holy Spirit will convict them of sin)


A true Christian makes these types of fruits shine wherever he/she may go. If at some point they show weakness in one of these fruits, this does not mean that they are not Christians. This simply means that they are still growing in some areas, and therefore they still have to let their lives be completely governed by God. The conviction of having done wrong or hurt someone and the subsequent demand for forgivness and repentance, will demonstrate their veracity as Christians. This also applies when a Christian is offended by someone; a true Christian will forgive the offense and not hold it against them. 


To end, do not forget that it is possible that a Christian may have done something wrong without being aware of it. If someone makes it known to this person that he/she has offended somebody, including the person who was hurt, the Christian’s way of reacting to his/her offense would result in repentence and a request for forgiveness.


This is a brief explanation of the topic in matter. To learn more about the Bible, or if you want more details of its truth please contact us and we will gladly explain everything. 



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